I have a lot of sympathy for the prime minister’s position. It would not matter if it was the Labor prime minister or another prime minister. I think we ask a lot of our prime ministers … We expect them to govern the country effectively. That is fine. They volunteer for this job, I know, but I think we can make some allowances.

If we are in any other country, I do not think we would have this debate. The fact that our prime minister quarantines for two weeks when he returns from overseas is actually quite unusual by world standards. You do not find foreign heads of government returning to their countries, even if the rest of the population has to quarantine, and then having to do the same thing.

The prime minister clearly spent time with family, came back, there was no health risk and the Chief Health Officer ticked off on it and he has been away from his family for an immense amount of time. He has been away from his family for a lengthy amount of time. As a person I feel for him.

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