Intimate Wash For Men For An Active Lifestyle

intimate wash for men

Leading an active lifestyle is a rewarding experience, but most guys find it challenging to balance the pursuit of their fitness goals and their desire to keep up their “male hygiene.” It’s all too easy for a guy to check out the cosmetic section at their local store, find that all of the “down there care” products appear to be for women, and assume that staying fresh while training hard simply isn’t for them.

Tips for Staying Fresh with an Active Lifestyle

Luckily, this isn’t the truth. There are a number of things guys can do to stay fresh, feel clean, and smell great while still giving it your all in the gym.

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Eliminate Odor

Much like death and taxes, sweat is an unavoidable byproduct of day-to-day life when you’re constantly active. There’s obviously nothing wrong with sweating it out, but when sweat is allowed to sit on the skin without being properly cleaned, the odor can become a lingering issue.

When the elements of sweat come in contact with the natural bacteria found on your skin, the reaction can often lead to a foul odor. And when you’re performing an exceptionally hard workout or enter the gym after a stressful day, the resulting odor from “stress sweat” is often compounded.

It should go without saying that the most problematic areas for odor are the “pocket” areas of the body, where most of the moisture is produced and retained due to skin lying right on top of itself.

Think about your armpits, behind your knees, and especially “down there” in the often-neglected area of male cleansing. These areas are almost constantly more humid than the majority of other skin and therefore provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant odor.

Utilizing a gentle, natural antiseptic like Tea Tree Oil in your daily cleansing routine is an excellent way to keep odor at bay. It eliminates odor-causing bacteria from your skin and leaves it with a light, pleasing scent.

As a bonus, Tea Tree Oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory for the skin, which brings us to the next tip to staying fresh while leading an active lifestyle.

Destroy Fungus & InflammationIntimate Wash for Men 2

Whether you find the odor to be an issue or not, letting sweat accumulate and stay on your skin for too long can introduce even worse problems. The presence of sweat changes the bacterial landscape on your skin and throws your skin’s pH levels out of whack.

If the skin isn’t properly cleansed, the irritating fungus can begin to grow. Not only will the fungus be itchy, but it can also lead to extremely irritating inflammation, which leaves skin red, puffy, and chafed. When this issue occurs in your “male region,” it can make tasks as simple as walking feel extremely uncomfortable.

This issue can be combated by adding all-natural ingredients to fight fungus and soothe inflamed skin to your cleansing routine, like Calendula and Witch Hazel. Calendula kills fungus and helps hydrate your skin, while Witch Hazel is a proven ingredient used to reduce irritation and skin inflammation.


Speaking of hydration, keeping the skin properly hydrated and nourished goes a long way toward preventing the issues discussed above from recurring. A healthy, hydrated layer of skin can be more impervious to harm, such as accumulation of bacteria and changes in pH, and will also visibly appear more vibrant.

Using a soothing, plant-based ingredient such as Aloe Vera extract will be a gift for your skin that keeps on giving. Aloe has long been recommended as a treatment for dry skin, wound healing, and even as an acne treatment, so it’s no surprise that it’s a powerful tool for cleansing your intimate area.

Not only will Aloe help soothe irritated skin, but it will also help exfoliate dead skin cells and restore new, healthy cells. Aloe has regenerative properties that aid in the long run while leaving a cooling, calming scent to boot.

If you look in the right place, all these bases can be covered with a single, convenient product.

The Premium Intimate Wash for Men

Intimate Wash for Men 3
Men no longer have to settle for less when it comes to cleansing their intimate areas. All the ingredients listed above can be found in Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash, which finally gives guys a tailored approach to their personal hygiene for their intimate area.

No more will you have to resort to women’s products that are formulated differently and often smell overbearing, or even just using whatever generic soap or body wash you may already have in the shower.

Skin Elements has changed the game by creating an all-in-one product specifically for men, formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Calendula, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera extract to help you maintain optimal hygiene for your sensitive areas.

Applying this intimate wash for men to your sensitive area for less than a minute in the shower will result in smoother, calmer, healthier skin. Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash causes no burning sensation like you might find when using other washes not specifically formulated for your sensitive area and leaves you smelling fresh for hours.

Don’t settle for less; Skin Elements has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon for their Intimate Wash for Men for a reason. Join the growing number of active guys who are finally taking proper care downstairs.

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Intimate Wash For Men For An Active Lifestyle

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