How To Stop Wooden Pallets From Rotting

Wood is the most common material used to build pallets since it is durable and strong. To ensure that your pallets don’t rot and remain this way, the correct storage is vital. Your first consideration is to think about how long you plan to store your wooden pallets. 

If you are only planning to store your pallets for a couple of months (or less), effects caused by outdoor storage like sun, snow, moisture, etc. will typically not have an effect on the performance of your wooden pallets from Verde Trader. But when it comes to longer-term storage when the conditions are poor, this could lead to wooden pallets looking bad, growing mold, and eventually rotting, which could make them unsuitable to use. 

You can prevent rot damage by keeping your wooden pallets stored properly.

4 Tips To Prevent Wooden Pallet Rot

If you plan to store your wooden pallets for a long time, here are a few tips you can try to ensure your pallets remain fresh and dry:

1. Keep The Pallets Off The Ground

The pallets at the bottom that is resting on paving or the ground can result in the bottom boards rotting when you plan to store them for a long time. Placing your pallets on 4 X 4’s or something similar will allow the pallet at the bottom to dry after rains, etc. This will dramatically prolong the life of the pallets. 

2. Make Sure There Is Proper Airflow

You can store your pallets outdoors for a lot longer if there is enough air moving through the boards so that they stay dry. Be mindful that even when you store your pallets indoors, a damp and tight area can also result in rot. 

3. Rotate Your Pallets

When bringing in new loads or pallets, use the pallets at the back before you move on to your new ones. 

4. Move Your Pallets

If you don’t plan to use your design for a couple of months, you should be moving the stacks around regularly. For example, if you have the pallets stacked 20 high, remove 10 from the top and put these at the bottom. This change in position ensures that none of the pallets are exposed to an environment that has become overly moist when compared to the others. 

How To Tell When A Wooden Pallet Is Rotten?

Wooden Pallet

If you have questionable wooden pallets, try hitting the boards using a hammer. A rotten board will usually appear “brittle” and break into straight lines. It is possible to still break a good board when you use enough force. However, this wood will break up into splinters. It does require an excessive amount of force when it comes to breaking soundboards. 

  • Check your wooden pallets for any rot damage prior to using them to prevent injury and accidents. 
  • Avoid using questionable pallets, since the likelihood of additional damages to people or products is really not worth it. 
  • If you are not sure, contact the company that supplies your pallets to test your older pallets which will ensure they are still safe to use.


We hope these tips will help you to keep your wooden pallets from any sort of rotting. To keep your pallets from rotting, proper storage is essential. Your first consideration is how long you plan to store your wooden pallets.


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