How To Clean A Quad Bike

You finally did it, you bought your son or daughter a quad bike, which is a smart thing to do. Let’s face it, most teenagers end up on two wheels and the sooner they learn how to handle bikes, the safer they will be. Of course, machine maintenance is part and parcel of biking.

It’s always a good idea to get the kids involved in chores around the house – it teaches them responsibility and keeps them busy! Now you’ve got them a quad bike, don’t forget to teach them how to clean it. It’s not a difficult task, and it’s something they can do together as a team. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your little ones. Here’s what you need to do:

In this short article, we’ll offer a few tips on how to help your child learn all about cleaning and quad maintenance.

1. Understanding How A Quad Actually Works

Prior to even thinking about cleaning, it is important that your child has a basic understanding of how their quad bike actually works. Luckily, there are some great animations that show how an internal combustion engine works, which is a great place to start.

Make sure your child understands how the power is transferred from the engine to the wheels, then explain gearing, brakes, and shock absorbers. If you have yet to acquire a quad for your child, Quadbikes R Us offers durable quad bikes kids and you may want to start your search on their website. You can also find other reputable dealers of these vehicles with the help of Google.

2. Power Wash

We’re assuming you have a power wash machine; if not, they can be found online and are not expensive. This machine is really the best way to clean any vehicle, especially a quad. Teach your son how to alter the water jet and demonstrate cleaning the underside of the quad and removing all traces of dirt and mud. Most hi-powered water jets have a bottle attachment where you can add liquid soap and cover the bike, which really helps to cut through grease and grime. Of course, you need to be there to supervise, at least until you’re sure that your child knows what they’re doing.

3. Understanding Lubrication

There’s an easy way to help your child understand lubrication; get them to vigorously rub their hands together and explain that friction causes the heat they are feeling, which should help them understand why lubrication is necessary. The next step is to lubricate the primary drive chain, with your child observing, then check the engine/gearbox oil, showing how to read the dipstick.

4. Getting Into The Right Routine

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As you probably know, the first thing you do after a quad ride is clean the machine and that needs to be done in a suitable area, where the mud will not be blown onto cars or buildings. It isn’t only the bike that needs a clean; riding equipment also needs to be prepared for storage. 

Once your son or daughter has ridden a few times, they will know the routine. It is crucial that the young rider respects and cares for their quad, which will set them up for adult life.

If you are thinking of buying your child their first quad, search online for a quad dealer who has a range of new and used machines suitable for all ages from 6 and up.

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