Easy And Stylish Hacks To Look Modern And Trendy

It’s everyone’s dream to look modern and flaunt their style when going outside. The desire to dress up well starts from a young age (mostly before the teenager starts) and you will want to try a variety of clothes to show off your beauty and elegance. 

Being fashionable and modern makes you confident and you can feel comfortable in your skin to do things that you want. Whether it’s a speech, attending an office meeting, or any other outdoor activity, the right clothing simply makes you outshine others.

Dressing appropriately to the occasion means you are half successful in getting the result you want. It’s the reason why the fashion industry is always booming as people’s needs and wants a change from time to time.

It’s also important to stay up-to-date about clothing styles to be trendy always. Though what you wear looks good on you, it may be outdated. So, by doing some changes, you can always look trendy with the current wardrobe you have. And if the need to change your wardrobe arises, you can always donate the clothes and buy the new ones. 

While some people have a natural talent to choose dresses that fit them perfectly, there are others who struggle to find the right clothes to elevate their looks. If you belong to the latter, then this blog is a must-read. Here, we tell you the simple tips and tricks to look modern always without burning your pocket.

1. The wardrobe should consist of basics

Imagine you want to dress up quick for a girl’s outing. Then the dress perfect for it would be jeans and a stylish top or cute floral dress. 

So make sure your wardrobe consists of basic clothing like jeans that fit you perfectly, two or three stylish tops, a cute black dress, floral dresses, a classic blazer, trendy t-shirts and shirts, and a leather or denim jacket. 

When you have these basics, you can nail the clothing style for any kind of occasion. If it’s a date night, wear a floral dress, add a leather jacket to it if it’s winter, and for formal occasions, add a blazer on top of a shirt, and you will look professional instantly. You have to how a change of style can change your life to look modern always.

2. Keep only the clothes that fit you perfectly

Wearing too tight or too loose clothing is never the right way to look trendy. Though oversized t-shirts make you look cute, they are hardly right when going outside. 

Your wardrobe should consist of only the clothes that fit you perfectly. Clothes should accentuate your body shape and elevate your charm. If you have clothes that don’t fit you well, then it’s time to donate or alter them so that they fit you.

3. Know how to wear according to the dress and your body type

There may be thousands of styles that exist right now, however, it’s important to find the ones that fit you. First know your body shape, face shape, and skin colour so that you know what works for you. Some clothes shape your body well while others highlight your skin tone. 

Also, it’s important to know what clothes are appropriate for different kinds of occasions. For instance, you can dress in a modern way to the office while still being like a fashion icon. Read here how to dress for work.

4. Experiment to find your personal style

When you go shopping, there will be a lot of styles that you may want to try on. It’s the best way to come out of your comfort zone. Experiment with the dresses that you don’t normally wear. If you don’t know what works for you, consider shopping with friends to know a third opinion. 

While experimenting with different kinds of styles, you will the one that clicks with you. And you can buy two to three pairs of the same style. So whenever you need to dress up quickly, you can wear the style that suits you well.

5. Add accessories like belts and scarves

 belts and scarves

The best way to accentuate your dress is to wear accessories like belts and scarves. They are the great highlights you can add to your dress that instantly make you look trendy. If it’s a floral dress, you can add a plain belt or scarf and vice versa. 

Other accessories you can add are the bags, headbands, etc. Read fashion magazines to know what trends are running latest and you can try to wear them accordingly.

6. Matching colourful and neutral colours

It’s vital to play with colours. You should not always keep the colours neutral. Try mix and match experiments to know what works for you. For instance, you can add a colourful blouse to the neutral shade pant. You can also try to wear different textures and patterns that elevate your beauty. The best way to know the colours that work for you is during shopping.

Spend an entire day and go to different shops so that you can understand which one looks trendy and modern to you. 

7. Be bold but not outdated – know which patterns work for you

Complicated patterns not only make the dress look confusing but also gives you an outdated look. Not all the patterns work on you. There are various patterns like simple, geometric, abstract, traditional, embroidery, etc. Make sure to try on all the dresses with patterns so that you know in what design you look modern. Don’t be afraid to go bold but do it only when it works for you. Otherwise, it can make you outdated.


It’s not always easy to change your wardrobe to look modern and trendy. However, with simple hacks, you can convert your old dresses to look stylish and modern. Adding accessories and matching with correct colors and patterns is enough to make your look modern. When you don’t know what’s working for you, don’t hesitate to take help from a personal stylist. Though it’s an investment, you will know what dresses you have to wear throughout your life. 

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