4 Places That Give You Free Money For Signing Up

With the market for free money online constantly expanding, the choices for different websites and services become very vast. To push the user count there, some providers offer you some money just for simply signing up. This can also lead you to continue using the said services, further increasing your free money flow, and helping the company stay afloat.

Since the number of such services is large, these are the 4 places that give you free money for signing up. The websites themselves are split into four categories, thus, you will be able to find one that suits you the best.

1. Investment websites

It comes as no surprise that investment websites are keen to give you free money just for signing up. After all, these websites and apps are created for the purpose of making you earn money. And since all of this is focused on investment, you would have to spend money in order to make money.

However, websites such as Tradestation, Robinhood, and Acorns provide you with an instant sign-up bonus that kickstarts your investment career. In the case of Tradestation, you instantly receive $10 of free money in cryptocurrency which you can use in whatever way you want. As for Robinhood, you can receive up to $220 worth of stock.

As investment websites are bound to grow your money, you should definitely give them a go. Especially since they offer you a free money package just to start.

2. Cashback services

Affiliate marketing and cashback offerings are a very fast-growing market that will not stop soon.

Besides giving you some money back on your purchases, certain cashback services also provide you with a sign-up bonus right away.

Granted, since cashback services rely on you making the purchases, and giving you some free money back for them, you would need to make some purchases in order to receive your bonuses. In the case of Rakuten, you would need to make a $30 purchase within your first registration period.

It may not seem like a free money deal just for signing up, but you should keep in mind that this is how cashback services work after all. Without any purchases, the cashback service itself would be useless, as you would not get any money back.

3. Passive income applications

Certain passive income applications not only provide you with free money completely passively, but they also offer sign-up bonuses. This is usually done via a referral system, however, some of them provide you with free money for signing up without any referral links or other obligations.

Such is the case with Honeygain. One of the oldest applications of its type on the market provides you with a $5 sign-up bonus when you register via their website or by using a referral link. The former is better since you would get the $5, and your referee would get an equivalent of 10% of your earnings, hence, you would be helping yourself as well as helping your friends.

The application itself provides you with free money in exchange for sharing your unused internet bandwidth. It is available on all platforms and works completely passively. You do not have to do anything there besides installing the application and keeping it running.

4. Survey websites

Survey websites

In a similar vein to other categories above, survey sites had surged in popularity in recent times. This had also increased the overall number of them, which in turn means that these websites have to rely on different ways how to attract more users.

One of these ways is offering sign-up bonuses. InboxDollars, for example, offers an instant $5 of free money to your account as soon as you register. Of course, you would need to collect $30 in your account in order to payout. The $5 in this regard may not sound like much, but it certainly is a boost to the $30 goal.

Branded Surveys offer you a $1 sign-up bonus, and the sum you need to collect to your account in order to cash out is $5. In a sense, the $1 boost here is more viable than the one offered by InboxDollars. Still, it is free money after all!

All in all, there are various ways how to get free money instantly just by signing up. By using them all, you are guaranteed to not only get some nice bonuses but also boost your free money bag extensively! Whether it is investing, using surveys, or being completely passive – it is up to you which way to choose.

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