3 Reasons Why You Get Better Real Estate Photography In Akron


Real estate photography is an art that allows you to generate leads and get better listings. It is a great way to get potential clients intefrested enough to contact you for your services. There are benefits to hiring a professional to save time and resources for your company. If you want to upgrade the website or social media, getting some professionals on your side is the best way.

Images can change the face of the property depending on the expertise of the photographer. Akron is a relatively safe area in Ohio where many people want to experience a community feel. Single-family homes are available for sale in the country area, which is excellent for anyone wishing to make a new start. Akron Real Estate Photography can help capture the essence of a house through drone photography and well-edited listing photos. If you want a good service provider in Akron, look for the following details.

1. Shoot with the Right Equipment

It is essential to look into the equipment a photographer brings to the shoot. A good service provider will get everything required. Some of the vital equipment that any photographer can have included not only a camera and a tripod but also reflectors for better lighting. 

They will also have to invest in remote and flash triggers for their lighting. Light stands are essential for a proper setup at the location. The shoot will also need a wide-angle lens as per their perspective and the right angle. 

2. Make the Lighting Even

The lighting is always balanced indoors to give a better viewing area to the viewer. The eye of the buyer should flow through the room rather than focusing on any one point. It is essential to show the room as a unit that is stable in its entirety. Highlights and shadows are included inside the room to create a better balance in different interior areas. 

3. Post Shot Editing

After the shooting, the photos are edited per light adjustment, contrast and exposure. One will also have to adjust the sharpness and vignette if needed. Editing will allow the mood-setting to meet the real estate agent’s demand. 

It is especially beneficial if the photos are on a social media platform where prospective buyers are looking for something particular. It is essential to choose a service located in the exact location of the property to be sold. They can better edit the photos if they know what the people generally look for. 

photo shoot

For instance, the most affluent area of Akron is Fairlawn Heights. Along with having a community life of its own, the city is also located in proximity to other cities, which adds better accessibility options to the residents. As per the 2020 census, the city had a total population of 190,469, making it the 125th largest city in the US. Akron Real Estate Photography will help you plan virtual tours for the properties and also help you take incredible drone shots for your website.


An experienced professional will use photography techniques when a property is being shot for a listing. It is essential to take care of how something is presented so that the house looks like a unit rather than disjointed. It is all possible with the right expert advice, which is easy to find when you are looking for a good service provider in Akron.

You will have to hire a professional who has adequate training and experience in the relevant field. The equipment and lighting will factor into the right photos by the end of the day. Make sure that you have them edited before putting them on your website.